What appears to be a large-scale phishing attempt has been circulating here at IU with the subject: “Re: IU Employee Support Program” from what appears to be an IU email address.  Please note that the hyperlink contained within does not link to an IU resource and this email is not legitimate. Please do not respond to the email or click on the link within it. 

Please forward this to phishing@iu.edu to report it.

If you mistakenly did click on the hyperlink within, please let your IT professional know and they will help you work through the next steps.

Zoom@IUDid you know that Zoom installations and updates do not require elevation or administrative access if you install by choosing “Install for me only” in the ‘Destination Request’ portion of the installation?

CITO also known as "Zone 4", is one of the fifteen professional IT organization within the College of Arts + Sciences (The College). These fifteen IT units cooperatively are working under the moniker College + IT (COLLIT). To learn more about this new IT alignment in the College you can find more on College + IT at https://collit.college.indiana.edu

We provide IT vision, services, and innovation to over 100 departments/units within the College of Arts + Sciences and the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs (OVPDEMA).